This is the ad for the Radio interview in Sweden’s main classical radio show. Mitt i musiken.


Mats Wendt is an autodidact composer that’s in the process of writing music to the Edda, the Norse epic about the heroes and their adventures. And he does this on computer. He has created a virtual symphony orchestra. From the 6 of aug, it is possible to hear parts of this at the Wagner museum in Bayreuth.

Mats Wendt is at lodge during the Wagner festspiele in Bayreuth, but took the time to visit the “Mitt i musiken” studio before his departure.

He tells about that in the edda work he manages to combine hir great intrest in symphonic music and Wagner with his interest in the mythic tales of the edda poems. The Eddan project has been going on since 1999 and expected completion is 2007 of the gargantuan work. In Bayreuth a distillate of 5 hours from the work is preformed. More about Eddan at